Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

Application for admission

This application form consists of the following twelve parts:

  • Part 1 Personal Details

  • Part 2 Location wishes

  • Part 3 Language Skills

  • Part 4 Academic Qualifications

  • Part 5 Curriculum Vitae, Employment Information

  • Part 6 Research proposal

  • Part 7 Motivation paper

  • Part 8 References

  • Part 9 Information about undergraduate studies

  • Part 10 Financial Information

  • Part 11 Survey

  • Part 12 Checklist

  • Part 13 Declaration and Signature

  • Part 14 Reference Form

Who should use this application form?

International students applying to the PhoenixEM Mundus Master programme should use this form.

How to complete this application form?

  • Please write clearly in black ink using block letters

  • All documents should be submitted in the same envelope

  • All documents must either be originals or be certified copies

If you are currently a student, please forward your final transcripts as soon as they are available.

Ensure that you complete the checklist and sign the declaration at the end of this form.

Note: Applications which are not signed cannot be processed.

Please return the form to: (We recommend keeping photocopies of your application)

Prof. Patrice Bourdelais

Dr. Maria Teresa Pontois

École des hautes études en sciences sociales

190-198 Avenue de France

75013 Paris


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