Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

Non-European/European students/French Students

The Erasmus-mundus master is also available to the European and French students, even if the grants conditions are different (European or French students have 50% of the total grant given to the Non-European students).

Non European students and scholars

The Erasmus Mundus action offers opportunities for students from 'third countries' to participate in European master programmes with generous grants (4000 euros each year, and 1000 euros per months, ten months each year; complete syllabus: two years) and for scholars to participate in related teaching and research.

The Erasmus Mundus also allows us to invite scholars from abroad with grants for periods of two weeks-3 months (2 400 euros each two weeks).

For both students and scholars, an admission form has to be filled in. The form and extensive information is available on the website.

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